This is Us

It’s never easy making a drastic change. That is why Salads And Hemp is here to help! Our goal is to provide alternatives to the stereotypical ideas for fledgling vegan/vegetarians (and maybe even the veterans too!). With weekly updates on awareness, food, fashion, and events, we hope that you check back often for what’s going on in the veg world in Vancouver.

One of us:

The other one:

The story of how I came to be a green tongue really started when I baby-sat one of my friend’s cat for a Christmas holiday. After three weeks of the 12 pound boy tuxedo, my life just wasn’t the same. I couldn’t live without having a little (or a big fat) kitty. So we decided to adopt one, and what a special one she is. As the years pass of living with a cat roommate, my compassion and love for animals solidified; it was in 2007 while attending university that I started to cut out all meats and most of the other animal products I used to consume, Dr. Steve Best and Dr. Carol Gigliotti had something to do with it. After three and a half years worth of countless websites leaflets, critical animal studies courses and documentaries (ie. Earthlings) I decided that I wasn’t being fair to all animals and to myself and finally became vegan for my partner’s birthday as a present to myself.

I’m not sure how that logic worked, but I’ve never looked back to being an carnivore. It feels great being able to treat all animals equally–though I do love this one the most…


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