Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant

Today, June 10th 2013, is the first ever official Meatless Monday in Vancouver BC.
This is a cause to celebrate! Perhaps at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant?

Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant is located on 12th and Granville, with both vegetarian and vegan options. The venue is bright, airy, welcoming and it’s got a whole lot of charm!

Now onto the good part…

Normally when one thinks of algae, they think of moldy looking green ocean plants that tastes and smells like fish. So how about algae in a drink?

Heirloom offers an amazing lemonade that is deliciously infused with blue green algae that gives off a vibrant color. Tangy, sweet, refreshing and packed full of nutrients. Nothing fishy here.

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SaladsandHemp had the opportunity to try the Rawsotto, Chickpea Curry and Wild Mushroom Stew. The Rawsotto–minced cauliflower and pesto–which imitates a rice based risotto, is completely raw. It was not only tasty but scored major points on creativity!

We are suckers for mushroom and cream sauce. So when we saw the Wild Mushroom stew on the menu, we knew that it was a winner. The dish did not disappoint. It was full bodied with so much flavour and richness. We licked clean the bowl on that one.

The Chickpea Curry did quite well also. We have not had an East Indian styled curry with cashews before and We thoroughly enjoyed the different textures!

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Tea is always a good way to polish off a great meal. But chocolate cake is even better! The brownie cake was fluffy, moist and full of chocolate goodness. Tremendously satisfying when paired with organic chai or earl grey tea. Nice.

So the next time you’re thinking about heading out for Meatless Monday or any other occasion, take a stroll down Granville St. and treat yourself to a few courses at Heirloom!

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