Homemade Waffles!

Both “the other one” and I are big Parks and Recreation fans. One of the foods they regularly feature on the show are waffles from JJ’s Diner (served with an indecent amount of whipped cream). It is hard not to crave waffles when we see them on screen in every other Park and Rec episode. So we got ourselves a Belgian waffle maker to indulge our appetites and nerd-out to homemade vegan waffles!

3We do waffles a little differently here at Saladsandhemp. Some of the ingredients we use include psyllium husks, chia seeds, flax seeds, egg replacer powder, quinoa flakes, and whole wheat flour…ingredients you wouldn’t be able to find at “Food and Stuff” but definitely in bulk at “Grain and Simple“.


But we aren’t trying to take all the fun out of waffles. We feel we’ve struck a pretty good balance between using healthy ingredients and making waffles that still taste like a treat! Surprisingly, the somewhat unorthodox ingredients like psyllium husks and chia seeds go undetected even by vegans and non-vegans alike. At Salads and Hemp, we test all our creations on both!


But what about the whip cream? A waffle wouldn’t be approved by Leslie Knope if there wasn’t a mountain of whip cream adorning it. We’ve tried some of the soy whip creams, but our favourite whip is made from the solidified part of canned coconut milk and whipped with an electric whisk. It turns out fluffy and light and gives that extra kick of flavour! To top it off, we sometimes use raspberry agave nectar syrup. Yup, it’s super sweet.

The Regular Waffle Recipe:

1 cup whole wheat flour
2 tbp chia seeds
2 tbp flax seeds or flax meal
2 tbp psyllium husks
2 tbp cinnamon
3 tbp quinoa flakes
3 tbp unrefined cane sugar

OPTIONAL 1 tbp egg replacer (Bob’s Red Mill)

2 cups water
3-5 tbp oil (depending on consistency)


1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl.
2. Mix in the wet ingredients into the same bowl.
3. Pour mixture into the waffle maker, then close the lid.
4. Dance around for 4-6 minutes.
5. Eat your freshly made waffles with any toppings you have on hand.

Makes 3ish waffles (serves 2).
Why is it called The Regular Waffle? Eat one and you’ll understand in about 15 minutes after.

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