Bring it on down to veganville!

Major props goes out to the writers at SNL and Justine Timberlake for doing a pro-vegan skit on March 9th!


JT, a favorite host (5 timed!) host of SNL wore a tofu mascot costume in a vegan sketch this past Saturday.

The skit Bring it on down to veganville is a running skit on Saturday Night Live whenever Justine Timberlake hosts. It has many other variations such as Bring it on down to homelessville and Bring it on down to liquorville to name a few. JT–in full street corner mascot costume– sings popular and well known songs that have had their lyrics changed to suit whatever thing hes promoting.

This hilarious skit is the first pro-vegan sketch on SNL to our knowledge!
A sign that the world is beginning to change?

There is even a Harlem Shake parody at the end!

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2 thoughts on “Bring it on down to veganville!

  1. Hahaha! I’m not a huge JT fan but this is pretty awesome 🙂

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