Chinese/ Lunar New Years 2013!

It’s Chinese new year!!!
Okay, maybe that was 2 weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean that Salads And Hemp can’t post pictures of vegan Chinese food!



So this year we had the pleasure of celebrating the lunar new year at a restaurant in Richmond BC called Spicy Veggie Cuisine. It’s a Buddhist based resto that serves up an array of Classic Chinese dishes but with a veg twist. Image


One aspect that stood out at Spicy Veggie Cuisine was that the menu was not over populated by an incredible amount of imitation meats. We personally enjoyed this since some imitation meat products still contain eggs, whey, or casein–which are no-no’s for vegans.


The food: great. Pricing: reasonable. Choices: plentiful. Spicy Veggie Cuisine is a restaurant where you can visit again and again if you’re ever in a fix for Chinese food! Also, make sure you try the soy sheet wrapped basil rolls. They’re pretty much the best thing ever.

Pictures of mom’s home cooked CNY meal on new year day and family seawall bike ride!

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One thought on “Chinese/ Lunar New Years 2013!

  1. I’ll have to check out Spicy Veggie Cuisine next time I’m in Richmond. Looks great, thanks for the review!

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