A very Vancouver veg dim sum at 3G!

Dim sum, which translates to “snacks,” is a Chinese tradition. Family and friends gather for late breakfast or brunch which extends into the afternoon. In some restaurants, servers come to customers’ tables pushing carts with ready-to-serve dim sum delicacies. These dishes are bite sized and function as samplers more than complete meals.

Now, if you live in Vancouver, you know that dim sum is a big deal here.

I come from a Taiwanese background, so going to dim sum is one of my family’s traditions. But going to dim sum and being vegan is no fun. Chinese food is usually meat heavy, and the vegan options are extremely limited. Thankfully, there is 3G Vegetarian Restaurant to our rescue!

Not only does 3G satisfy my insatiable need to stuff my face with dim sum goodies, it does it while being vegetarian! They have plenty of vegetarian and vegan variations of traditional dim sum items such as taro and daikon cakes, wontons, siu mai, assorted steamed buns, congees and bean curd wraps. 3G also brings my Chinese family together without having disputes over what is vegan or not at a restaurant–which happens often.

3G has ample selection of dim sum items that you can preview online. Great food, friendly service with *smiling employees is what you should expect if you drop by 3G.

If you’ve got a nasty sweet tooth, be sure to try the deep fried coconut milk, it will knock your organic fair trade cotton socks off!

*Note: The smiling employees are considered a rare phenomenon at Chinese restaurants in Vancouver.

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