Loving Hut Express for Earthday!

What’s your favorite way to spend Earthday?
Soaking up some rays? Snuggling up with you best non-human friend? Munching happily on delicious vegan food?

For us at Salads And Hemp, we love all those things so that is how we enjoyed Earth Day! We took a stroll down Seawall, stopped by Loving Hut Express and got ourselves some gourmet vegan sandwiches, then went to the Yaletown dog park to watch some doggie shenanigans.

But one might ask, “what does eating vegan food have to do with being green?”. Well, the short answer is that being vegan has the potential to have the greatest positive effect on the environment. And, you help the earth year-round! The long answer is here.

A little factoid about Loving Hut: it is a international vegan restaurant chain that used to be on Main St. and now it’s Vegan Pizza House on Nanaimo and Kingsway. They also now have a food truck that’s right in front of the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Center.

Vegan Gourmet sandwiches on wheels??!? We couldn’t get there fast enough, and one short Skytrain ride later, the food was nothing short of incredible.

One of us appreciates an imitation meat which tastes as close to the real thing as possible. So he was very happy that the good folks at Loving Hut Express use Gardein brand chicken and beef patties (yes, the Tasted So Real That We Had A Meat Scare ones…). Meanwhile, the other one prefers meat substitutes which taste more plant  based. She was very satisfied by all the sauces, spreads and condiments which are made from scratch, as well as the local organic produce because it takes away some of the emphasis from the meat substitute. Loving Hut has something for everyone!

So far we’ve tried the Crispy Chicken Burger, BBQ Onion Ring Cheese Burger, Grilled Mushrooms Cheese Burger, Healthy Grill, and yam fries with chipotle mayo. It was hard to believe that everything was 100% vegan. In fact, a lot of their non-vegan customers don’t even realize they’re eating food that does not contain any animal ingredients until they are told or read Loving Hut’s info flyer.

All of the sandwiches are incredible. The one that stands out for us is the Crispy Chicken Burger because we are suckers for anything crispy, so we keep coming back for this one. We highly recommend it! The different variations of cheese burgers also have a spot in our hearts, especially the Grilled Mushroom. You really can’t go wrong when you have mushrooms and cheese in a beef-less burger.

There are plenty of options on their menu that will keep you going back for more. The staff are so friendly, food tastes tremendously delicious, animals aren’t harmed in the process, and it’s located a block from seawall. It’s a win/win/win/win situation! Everyone wins, nobody loses when we eat at Loving Hut Express Food Cart…maybe except for our waist lines…

So the next time you’re in Yaletown and need some guilty (but healthy) pleasures, head over to Loving Hut Express and tell them SaladsAndHemp sent you!

Yes, now we can most definitely has cheezburger.

Happy Vegan Earthday to all creatures big and small!

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