Hey! It’s Thanksgiving!

For us vegans/vegetarians, we look forward to holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas just as much as the next person…though minus the turkeys getting eaten part. But it’s the time of the year where we get to experiment new recipes that replicate and surpass the traditional main course!

Usually we make a tofu turkey that’s quite decent. This year however, I took a risk and tried to make some sort of puck-sized tofu cakes for fun–which failed miserably (see photo below).

The tofu cakes are to the left of the plate. It's the suspicious looking orange blob...

Long story short, the baking time and temperature was off so it turned out more like pudding then risotto cakes which was what I was going for. Also, my point and shoot camera is a piece of trash!

Despite the major fail on the tofu cake, the rest of the meal was delicious! I put together spicy sauteed root veggies, rasberry vinegar stuffing, sage and black pepper gravy, and mashed sweet and regular potatoes with coconut milk.

I find that every major food related holiday–even when I used to eat meat–the one thing I’m most excited about every time is the mashed potatoes. This year I wanted to try something different and bust some big time chops on the mashed mound of starchy goodness. So I put together this little gem after deciding that coconut milk has enough creaminess to replace cow’s milk and goes real good in potatoe based curries.

The Mashed Coconut Potatoes recipe (working title)

Earth Balance margarine
coconut milk
lemon black pepper (optional)
green onions

Peel, boil, mash potatoes as per usual. Throw a sweet potatoe (not yams) in there if you feel like it. Add a modest amount of Earth Balance, or you can even skip it. Then stir in the coconut milk to desired consistency. Don’t get that low fat/ light stuff. This is mashed potatoes, it’s supposed to be trashy tasting! Top it off with salt, lemon black pepper and green onions to taste.

The verdict…?
This painfully simple makeover of the traditional mash was quite the hit! It has a hint of sweetness and LOADS of creaminess with a tiny bit of zing. Some even said that it was good enough on it’s own and didn’t need to be smothered in gravy! A win for taste buds, not so much for the waste lines.
And just because it’s Thanksgiving, here’s a photo of a turtle eating some mashed taters for good measure, courtesy of .

Eat well and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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2 thoughts on “COCONUT AND POTATOES??!?!

  1. A Tablespoon of Liz on said:

    Mashed coconut potatoes, that sounds amazing! I would have never thought to put coconut with potatoes, but it looks like it worked!

    • Yeah I was trying to come up with something to replace half/half with and soy or almond milk just weren’t creamy enough. You can never go wrong with coconut really!

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