Tasted so real that we had a meat scare…

You know how some times as vegetarian/vegans you unfortunately ingest animals by accident due to your own fault or someone else’s? That uncanny and guilty feeling in your mouth and stomach? Yeah. We thought had one of those the other day.

We were a bit lazy and wanted burgers for dinner at home. So we went to Drive Organics on Commercial Drive because we knew they’d carry way better options for veggie burgers than your average grocery store. Comercial Drive likes to take care of vegans. Anyway, the choices came down to Amy’s organic California or Texas style burgers or Gardein’s Beefless burgers. We’ve had Amy’s a few times and were always pleased with the taste of it but we wanted to try something else. Plus Gardein’s burgers were 2 dollars cheaper for the same amount so it was an easy choice.

It's horrible, I chose this in part due to the stylish packaging...

Oh man. So glad we tried something new.

Now I gotta say, not all veg heads have cravings for meat, but I’m a sucker for the flavor. The first bits we took we did a double take…in our mouths. The flavor and texture was so convincingly real that I felt immediate guilt as if I ate a little piece of cow. I actually got the packaging back out of the trash and read the ingredients list twice–on top of the 2 more times at the store before we bought it. I can’t believe it’s not butter! Or rather, I can’t believe it’s not beef!!!

As you can('t) see, the patties are buried under a mound of raw/cooked goodies.

Seriously, the flavor of this beats most of the carnivorous patties I’ve had before I turned veg. They’re SOOO juicy!!! I’m quite sure even meat eaters would have a hard time telling these burger patties to be animal free. Gardein’s Beefless Burgers are hands (and hoofs) down the best in the veg burgers universe FOREVER…or until we discover something else…

This is a Daiya cheezburger win.

If you like information on reasons not to eat beef burgers, you can find it here.

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